above: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Monna McDiarmid.
below: Villa de Santiago, Mexico. Paulina Carlos.


  1. Blue Flower Context: This one is a bit sad. This summer marked the fifth anniversary of the death of my Aunt Linda, my mother's only sister. These were the flowers that Linda's husband chose to decorate our church on the anniversary of her death. This flower really was blue... so dramatic... like my Aunt Linda. I took a number of shots but, again, the slightly soft and kooky one was my favourite. I boosted the colour a bit but changed nothing else.

  2. woooow. great pairing!!!
    gorgeous blue!

  3. I really like the matching of the color of the flower to the sky. Sunglass shots are among my favorite, often to my wife's irritation as she normally has to sit still for a bit for me to get it right. Yours showing more sky is a nice touch. Like a fisheye lens.

  4. context:
    this shot was me fooling around with an awesome borrowed camera. the sky reflection on the glasses is totally accidental.
    excelent pairing though!!!!


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