above: (somewhere over) West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Analucia Padilla.
below: Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina. Jhan Graether.


  1. This almost made me gasp, this combo. Analucia must have been carrying her magic window cleaner/reflection remover - & what a fantastic moment she caught. Jhan seems to be building a collection of National Geographic-worthy shots of South America's natural beauty. And I'm betting he had to do a little physical labour to reach every one of these spots. Gorgeous shots.

  2. Great pairing indeed, the clouds make Analucia's photo have such interest. I like that the angles are not strait, and that the land below tells a story. As for my photo, it was a drive-up shot. The hardest thing was talking the ranger into letting us camp in the no-camping park so I could be there for sunrise.

  3. hot damn! i love the contrast in Jhan's photo! it;s soooo great. is that a rainbow? absolutely gorgeous!

  4. the bottom picture is so halucinating!!!
    analucia i heart you!!


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