above: Los Angeles, Califonia, USA. Lucia Mijares.
below: somewhere between Delta d'Ebre and Barcelona, Spain. Damien Pitter.


  1. CONTEXT: Taken on the way home from our school Cultural Tip to Sagunto and Valencia, somewhere between the Delta d'Ebre (site of last year's trip) and Barcelona. It's interesting to see how much the countryside changes, not just because you are driving through it, but also with changes in light and time of day. Took this one just before magic hour with the colours all softening, seeming somehow antique.

  2. context: i took this picture in universal studios in LA... we were taking the "mega movie magic tour". In this part of the tour the little car would sink into a concrete ditch and the lake would be at eye level. I'm not sure what movies have been shot in this artificial lake.

  3. I meant to make an official announcement about this, but got tied up with other things. There is a new map feature on 14 Lenses, so you can see graphically where the photos are coming from. Heather Dowd did the work to figure out how this is done, and she's also updating them each week. SO...many thanks to Heather. I think the maps look great!

  4. uuuuuuuuuuuuu it looks awesome! :D
    thanks MsDowd!!!


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