above: Monterrey, Mexico. Paulina Carlos.
below: Barcelona, Spain. Monna McDiarmid.


  1. Lovely contrasts in these two. B&W & colour; still & moving; a moment of rest? exhaustion? map-reading? contemplation? conversation? vs. a moment of speed, directionality. Monna's shot looks celebratory, with its petal-confetti. I love it.

  2. Context: A big part of Barcelona life is the concept (and the reality) of the neighbourhood. Many people still live and die in the same little section of the city. The neighbourhood we chose as our Barcelona home is called Gracia. It's very bohemian and the locals care passionately about the rights of workers and tenants. It's a also a really happening district right now... filled with chic little boutiques and great restaurants.
    One Saturday afternoon, Damien and I were watching the world go by, from a bench in Rius i Taulet (my favourite of all of Gracia's plazas), when we noticed a carpet of red and white roses at the entrance to the town hall. Wedding roses. Damien turned to me and said, "If you want a photo of those roses, you'd better go now before someone sweeps them up." (So annoying that he knows exactly what I am thinking.) So off I went. I saw this adorable boy riding his scooter near the roses. I waited and waited and then he zoomed giddily through the roses and I finally got the shot I'd been waiting for.

  3. Great point of view on both shots. Monna, I love the story of your shot...the rose petals, getting the camera, waiting for the perfect shot....ahhh. It's the slow moments of being in a foreign country like that that I love.


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