above: Monterrey, Mexico. Lucia Mijares.
below: Monterrey, Mexico. Peter Cuthbert.


  1. Has the Monterrey Tourist Authority seen this pairing? Love the way the inverted V shape of the mountain is echoed by the cape, of all things. And yet it's so perfect.

  2. maybe i'm biased because i miss it, but this SHOULD go on the MTY tourism website! the mountains of mty are SO powerful, and it's old traditions so mountainous--

    --it reflects both the inner spirit and the exterior of my hometown :)

  3. Great photos, Lucy and Pete.
    I am really captivated by this pairing... it makes me feel a bit homesick for Monterrey!

  4. Context: this was taken the first day I got my new nikon in MTY and was stil playing with shutter speed. We went to a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros San Pedro which is right in SP, tucked away amongst the hustle and flow. A fitting connection is that there are two great vantage points of mountains from the stands in the plaza. One of the "M" and another of Sierra la Silla.


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