above: London, England. Monna McDiarmid.
below: Paris, France. Lucia Mijares.


  1. Context: I visted London for the first time in June of 2008. As I was there for a conference and didn't have a lot of tourist time, I booked a place on the "Portrait of a City" walk with Context Travel. I highly recommend this tour company located in a number of European cities. Tours prices are a little spendy but they are designed for the "intellectually curious" in groups of no more than six. Check them out at: http://www.contexttravel.com/london

    On our walk, we went to London's Guildhall. This, from the Guildhall website at: http://www.guildhall.cityoflondon.gov.uk
    Guildhall has been the City powerhouse since the twelfth century. In an era when the Lord Mayor of London rivalled the monarch for influence and prestige, this was where he and the ruling merchant class held court, fine-tuned the laws and trading regulations that helped create London’s wealth.

    Sometimes Damien and I like the soft, out-of-focus shots the best!

  2. Monna, I love the soft focus. And, I enjoy the contrast between these two photos. Soft and sharp. Warm and Cool.


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