above: Long Beach, New Jersey, USA. Sofia Millares.
below: Luxor, Egypt. Jocelyn Wiley.


  1. Not much context here: Egypt is littered with photogenic ruins. I just hung around until I could get a shot without tourists in it. (There are always hordes of tourists in Egypt.) I liked the shadow.

    This pairing made me lol, as the kids say.

  2. hahahahaha loved them!!
    i loled too :P hihihihi

  3. omg, loved the overexposure. imho I think it works really well contrasted with the vibrant colors. FYI, I usually keep my use of acronyms on the DL, but I decided to splash out in this case and use them all. L8R

  4. LOL.

    JW - You say there isn't much context, but trust me, your photo screams exotic and historical to me stuck here in the middle of the US. There is no littering of ruins here!

  5. So the truth is, I've been waiting since the summer for this pairing. JW's shot was one of the first sent to me and knew immediately that I needed a good head and torso to pair it with. Took a while to see the right combo, but I think, it was worth waiting for!

    What does imho mean?


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