above: On the Highway, Upstate New York, USA. Stacey Lindbloom.
below: Salkantay Trek, near Machu Pichu, Peru. Jay Priebe.


  1. CONTEXT: Picture of the frozen tent some poor soul trekking through the Andes on his own. My tent. Getting just enough light on the unlit mountain was the struggle here. I believe Jhan suggested this trek to me.

  2. Yep. Jay, I had the same thought about the near mountains and how hard it would be to balance the exposure. Nice job, though! The contrast is so crisp and the layers of lines are great.

    Stacey, I think your photograph is extraordinary. Sublime, really. I love everything about it. Love the feeling of the moment that sunlight breaks open a gloomy sky. I love the raindrops on the window, I even love the lens flare. I love the color and the movement. This feels to me like one of those moments I experience as being beautiful, but never try to photograph because it just never seems to capture the sense of what it's really like. But you have got it entirely. There's nothing specific you can see in the photo, but it really reminds me of home (the one in Canada). Thanks for this shot.

  3. Thanks, Im really glad you liked it : )

    CONTEXT: A couple of weekends ago I decided to go visit a friend in Ithaca which is only about 90 min. from Syracuse. I took the bus in the afternoon right in the middle of pouring rain, bucketfuls literally. The bus ride was tranquil, hardly anyone on it. An hour into the ride the rain began to stop but it was still very cloudy and kind of dark because sunset was approaching. Then as we started to go through a very hilly landscape with lots of farms and fields the sun started to emerge. It felt like a very powerful moment because out of nowhere the sun came out and the density of its golden light looked like an explosion in the sky in contrast to the dark clouds. It was really beautiful and immediately i searched for my camera but I kind of worried that I wouldn't get a decent image because A) i was on a moving bus and b) the rain drops on the windows were in the way and causing the camera to focus on them instead of the sun!...Finally i decided that the color would be enough to satisfy me even if I couldn't get detailed focus...it probably only lasted 10 min and the colors got even better as the sun descended. It was pretty spectacular.

    In Jay's picture I really like the layering from back to front and the idea that the tent is the inversion of two mountains framing the snowcapped one in the back.


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