above: Real de Catorce, Mexico. Heather Dowd.
below: Mont Saint Michel, France. Santiago Rivera.


  1. Photographs from some of my favorite places in the world. In fact, they might be my two favorite places in the world. I haven't been to Mont Saint Michel since I was in high school, but it left a lasting impression. I hope the tourist trade has not changed its spirit. Such a distinctive silhouette, even as a shadow. And Real, well, I don't even know if I can describe what's so beautiful about Real. But it's there, in that old, weathered, pounded and worn smooth wood. Heather, you've captured it precisely.

  2. Context: The shadow of the Mont Saint Michele in a cold February morning.

    As for your comments about tourism: to some degree there is a lot of touristic shops and restaurants, but think this place is still unique. The tourism industry seems to blend in with the site, more than take over it.

  3. mmm those pics remind me of winter and blankets :}

  4. CONTEXT: This is a window shutter on a cafe in Real de Catorce. I agree DP. There is something magical about Real...the tunnel into town...the rocky decent to the open valley...

    It sounds like I need to add Mont Saint Michel to my list of places to visit also.


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