above: Oslo, Norway. Annie Dow.
below: Madrid, Spain. Monna McDiarmid.


  1. The bottom photograph was taken from my seat on a tour bus in Madrid. I was on a school trip with the grade 11 and 12 students from our school in Barcelona and the chaperones had arrived back at the bus before the students (shocking... I know!). I liked the shadow of the tree on the brick wall and the woman in motion.

  2. Gosh, I really hope this is a dandelion picture, because...

    ah - dandelions... the much maligned wild flower... I think unjustly so... I actually revere the dandelion... and I think the whole world should.

    Here is my top 5 list of reverence to the dandelion:
    1 you can smoosh them into someone's chin and make it yellow (does any one remember doing that as a child?)
    2 they add contrast to dull, manicured lawns
    3 they don't require any maintenance to flourish
    4 i hear you can eat them
    5 they are even prettier in the above picture (LOVE IT)

    Seriously, though... look at the detail in those seeds and the fuzzy motion blur looking effect on the near and far seeds.. priceless. And I love that the death of that flower has resulted in such a beautiful image of its impending life as new flowers elsewhere on somebody's lawn.

  3. i LOVE dandelions :D
    they are gorgeous and fun to blow on

  4. I like how the tree shadow picks up the pattern of the dandelion and how the woman walking mirrors the stalk of the dandelion above. I am always struck by how clearly and beautifully the shadows of trees and leaves appear, cast on nearby walls and doors.

  5. This is our second dandelion. The one in 22 looks so much more melancholy. This one reminds me of a geodesic dome. Beautiful shot.


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