above: Barcelona, Spain. Damien Pitter.
below: North Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA. Guest Photographer, Camila Garcia.


  1. incredible paring!!!
    i loved both pictures, and they look amazing together :D

  2. Camila,
    I love that the feet look like they are walking on a tight-rope (the top of the fence).

  3. CONTEXT: Waiting for a flight at Pratt in Barcelona, I noticed this child's handprint on the window. It seemed to tell a whole story, as the glimpses of things in airports often do.

  4. thank you!!!

    sorry, this comes a day late. I´ve been traveling and hadn't gone online.

    This is a girl jumping on a trampoline. I took about 4 rolls of film of people on the trampoline and this was by far my favorite shot. I've gotten all sorts of reactions to this picture, including people who thought the feet were dangling instead of flying through mid-air.

    Mr. Pitter, I love the hand print!!


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