above: Santa Cruz, California, USA. Paulina Carlos.
below: Near Ayerbe, Spain. Monna McDiarmid.


  1. wow, what is going on in that bottom picture?

  2. I'm betting Monna got that kid looking out of a battlement in some old castle or wall as the shaft of light came in. Beautiful picture. Love the upward thrust of both shots.

  3. Brilliant light shafts... My god...

  4. Context (or as Camila says... what is going on in that bottom picture): In early October of 2007, I accompanied the grade 9 and 10 students on their cultural trip to the north of Spain. This photo was taken in Castillo Loarre which actually appears at the beginning of the film "Kingdom of Heaven." We were exploring the chapel when this student stopped to look out the window. I started with some very good luck... and applied knowledge gleaned from years of private (and free) photography classes. Thanks for your lovely comments.

    Pau, your trees make me think of Colombia. Great shot!

  5. I thought the boy had a light saber. :)


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