above: Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Jocelyn Wiley.
below: Cazenovia, New York, USA. Stacey Lindbloom.


  1. CONTEXT: Garlic cloves at an organic eatery in upstate NEW YORK. Very good food and an interesting owner.
    I really love this paring; the yellow in both pictures is practically the same as well as the patterns in the wall of my background, the shape of the garlic and the ceiling in the Arabic building. Very neat!

  2. I'm sorry to tell you that this building is nothing more exotic than a shopping mall. It's called Ibn Battuta Mall, named after a famous 14th C. Arab explorer & traveller who covered more ground than Marco Polo. The mall is divided into sections to represent the parts of the world that he visited.

    I like how the honeycomb shapes (a favourite in Islamic architecture) are repeated in Stacey's pic.

  3. Love the look of all that tile... and Stacey, how do you keep coming up with these simple, everyday items and making them look so magnificent... Seriously, making garlic bulbs compete with a building! Sheesh...


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