above: Rakvere, Estonia. Annie Dow.
below: Aguas Calientes, Peru. Jay Priebe.


  1. so we ended up signing up for a bizarre tour in Estonia, in which they took us to Rakvere a town smaller than some of the ones I've seen in Mexico, to see a vodka "factory (6 rooms, no machinery) where they, of course, gave us free vodka, at which point they proceeded to take us to this GORGEOUS medieval castle. unfortunately, the inside is hideous, mostly thanks to the fact that they attempted to Disney-fy it with no attempt at historical accuracy (are the colors real? the dinner bell? the blacklit skeleton?).

    the outside, thankfully, remains beautiful and relatively untouched, i hope the picture captures that.

  2. Disneyfied backlit skeletons, really? Perhaps that explains the need for (or was the result of) the free vodka.

    I like the similarity in the presence of light in these shots, and that the colours seem the same, but are distributed differently along similar lines. Jay seems to have been standing awfully close to that train.

  3. this one needs a short story...

    I hiked on a 3day trek called Salkantay (suggested by Jhan) through a set of valleys - different valleys than the Inca Trail - to Macchu Picchu at Aguas Calientes in Peru. After a morning of visiting the ruins, and no possible train ride in sight for the next 4 days (due to a train strike), I decided to walk back to civilization along the rail tracks. I left town at about 3pm with a group of Peruvian Inca Trail porters - they are pretty fast when only carrying a little satchel - for the 30 something km hike out to the nearest town with transport.

    The irony that I got passed by a train during my hike is not lost on me. What was more 'desesperating' was that the train was nearly-slow-enough-to-jump-on ... but not quite. In hindsight, glad I did not try to jump on the train. It probably would have ended in disaster...

    As for being too close... no way. At least 3 feet separated me from that train... although my recollection might be untrustworthy as I was (only) half delirious with thirst at that point... Later on, I had to drink puddle water... mmmm... tasty!

  4. Jay, you should write a book. (you could call it "Travels Suggested by Jhan"). I could ghost-write it if you're not up the task. Really, your bits of stories promise a tale at least as good as the literary travel books I just browsed through at a bookstore.


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