above: Barcelona, Spain. Monna McDiarmid.
below: New York, New York. Paulina Carlos.


  1. context: picture taken while waiting to be seated at a pizza place under the Brooklyn bridge. Supposedly the best pizzas in New York. The 2 hour wait was worth it, definitely the best pizza I have ever had plus a good night shot of New York skyline.

  2. Context: Barcelona apartments have, historically, been stuffed with great old antiques that the younger generation hauls out onto the streets in order to make way for their "sexy" new stuff from Ikea. The vintage/used furniture store people then go around in little trucks and pick up these discarded antiques, selling them back to other people at outrageously high prices. (They are seriously making a killing!) There are a quite a few of these little antique shops in our neighbourhood and this one, above, is always filled with the most interesting stuff. Is the singer supposed to be Sammy Davis Junior, I wonder. And who buys him and the trumpet player? Somebody did.

  3. Great shot, Pau. I {heart} New York.


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