above: Lyon, France. Jocelyn Wiley.
below: West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. Analucia Padilla.


  1. Where in Lyon is this? Is it the Fourviere Church?

    Also, love the thematic contrasts in these pictures.

  2. If I remember correctly, this is the Hotel du Ville in Lyon.

  3. Hey I remember that ceiling! :) It was the Justice Departmant - there was construction and we went under the "tape" to get pictures. Rebels for art!

  4. The irony of breaking into the justice department to take photographs warms my heart. It's a goodie, too.

    Analucia - I had to make a few minor adjustments to your photo to make it fit our dimensions. Hope you don't mind. Never been there, but from your photos, I'm starting to like the feel of West Lafayette.

  5. hahaha feel free to :}

    yessss i loved it! the houses are so pretty and old fashioned. i took more pictures of houses than of me and my friends :)

  6. Of course, in French it's not just the "Justice Department", it's the "PALAIS de Justice". Thanks, April, my partner in crime, for remembering those great little details. BTW, April took the pic of me on the bio page here at 14 Lenses. I love that pic (although I usually hate photos of myself -- surely I am much better looking than I appear in photos???)

    Plus, I want to know why Analucia spent so (photographically) long in W. Lafayette? What took you there?


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