above: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Santiago Rivera.
below: Cuzco, Peru. Jay Priebe.


  1. Context: As an architect, I get very interested on how the old and new mix. I found the reflection of the older building in this newer one very interesting. Thinking back on a previous picture (23, the Louvre), I realize I really like photographing reflections!

  2. It's funny... one of my new favorite "games" is to look at the pictures and try to determine who took them before I scroll down far enough to read the credits underneath. I was right on BOTH of these today! :) Merry Christmas to all of you...

  3. Santiago's photo shows the old reflected in the new, but both kind of architecture are held up by the even older architecture of Jay's photo.

    Sarah - I thought the same thing. I knew right away that the top photo was Santiago's!

  4. Ha, I believe you've thrown down an implicit challenge. Can DP put up a pairing that foils Sarah & Heather, our photo detectives?


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