above: New York, New York, USA. Analucia Padilla.
below: Venice, Italy. Damien Pitter.


  1. Love LOVE LOVE the pairing of these two!
    Both pics are amazing.

  2. CONTEXT: Taken in Venice, on the Grand Canal one evening. It was really foggy the first day we were there, and really clear and sunny the next. Best of both worlds for photography. This was the evening of the fog, with diffused the light and acted as a sort of neutral density filter and made all the light sources glow and carry, so the shots I took on my second trip to venice don't look at all the same. I was using something like 5-8 second exposures without a tripod, just bracing myself up against whatever was around and using the timer to avoid shaking when pushing the shutter button. In the end, I like the sort of impressionist feel a bit of movement adds to the photos (as if you hadn't guessed that by now).

  3. Thanks Carlos; glad you like them!

    Great shot, Analucia. I love the shapes and lines in this shot, and the light is fantastic. Nice composition.

  4. Beautiful golden glow to both these. Very Christmassy!

  5. There is a beautiful softness to both photos.

  6. this was in ny at the st patricks cathedral...
    thanxz for the comments :}
    it is a nice pairing :D

    happy holidays!!!


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