above: New York, New York, USA. Santiago Rivera.
below: Habana, Cuba. Jay Priebe.


  1. Context: Broadway on Broadway, the kick of concert to the new Broadway season. Times Square get showered with confetti.

    I love the contrast in these two photos, they're so polarized!

  2. To say that Priebe gets around really is an understatement!

  3. Santi - I saw part of that on TV and I wondered if you and Hannah were there. Beautiful shot.

    Jay - Black and white works really well with this shot.

  4. I travelled to Cuba in 1956... er, 2006ish... and snapped this shot in color... had to adjust in camera later... don't you just love digital...

    Wanted to make all b&w except for one shiny car, but I figured that would be stretching the limits of 14lenses...

    What do you guys think about that? I posed a similar question on facebook 14 lenses group site but didn't every hear any responses...

  5. I also ask myself that question. How much can a photo be edited? To improve the shot? To make it artistically interesting?

    I sent DP a picture that was edited to look like an old 60s/70s photo. Don't know if that was appropriate.

  6. Here's my 2 cents: I say go for it. I love looking at all photographs; those that portray things exactly as they are seen by the human eye, and those that stretch the photo by exposure settings and post production to be something different. What do others think?

    I'm slowly starting to dabble in photoshop, and I love some of the fun things you can do. FYI - For those without Photoshop, try picnik. It's an online photo editing tool that is free and easy to use with some fun pre-set effects.


  7. What does it mean to portray things exactly as they are seen? By whose eye? What I see is not what you see. Even documentaries have a point of view. Every photo is a constructed image. Every photographer makes many editorial choices, sometimes unconsciously - you choose the angle & distance; you choose what time of day to shoot in order to get certain light; you adjust the focus, the f-stop, you use a telephoto or not...so why this coyness about using other tools? My shot in 80 is obviously doctored & no one commented on that. (Unless you're all silently chastising me.) And btw...full disclosure...I'm a card-carrying Luddite...I'm shooting with a cheap Olympus pocket camera using FILM! (But everything is digital if I put it on CD & then tweak it on my laptop!)

    Please don't kick me out of 14 Lenses now I've made this confession.

  8. hmmmm and here i stand with completely un-doctored photographs wondering, "Why didn't i think of it first??!"

    i'm inspired, i'm taking a trek tomorrow for more pictures. my mission: impressionism through photoshop.

    ....if you knew what i'd been through this semester, you would know that this discovery is unintentionally brilliant as well -- i think i may have figured out my final design project!

    thanks guys!

  9. Well said, JW, well said. (We'd never kick you out. There was a day that all film photographers looked down upon digital, but not the other way around!)

    Anytime Annie! Be sure to share your results.


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