above: Coney Island, New York, USA. Annie Dow.
below: Rock Falls, Illinois, USA. Heather Dowd.


  1. GASP! Annie came to Brooklyn? What ever happen to you not crossing the bridge! hahat

  2. Yay! Symmetry... love it. Were these wagons for sale, or is there some place in your illionois world that rents out little red wagons?

  3. No, really? Annie's become a Manhattan snob in her short time in New York? That's a heckuva a thing for a MEXICAN to do! She's watched too many "Sex in the City" episodes. (Since I have friends in Brooklyn, I feel I must defend it!) ;)

    I can (just barely) picture Heather IN a little red wagon. Kind of a midwest thing.

  4. I can also imagine Heather floating down a hill in a little red wagon.

    Annie... it looks like you have some explaining to do!

  5. Context: Every year at Halloween, we go to Selmi's Pumpkin Patch to buy pumpkins. You grab a red wagon, walk around the pumpkin patch, put your pumpkin in the wagon, and bring it to the weighing station.

    I'm glad I waited before posting the context for the little red wagons because otherwise you may not have left such fun comments! Floating down a hill in a little red wagon sounds like a fun thing to do...as soon as the snow is melted.


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