Week 54

Left to right, top to bottom:
Chiang Mai, Thailand; Jay Priebe. Monterrey, Mexico; Stacey Lindbloom. Monterrey, Mexico; Analucia Padilla. Burlington, Ontario, Canada; Jocelyn Wiley. Budapest, Hungary; Lucia Mijares. Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Damien Pitter. New York, New York, USA; Annie Dow. Rock Falls, Illinois, USA; Heather Dowd. San Francisco, California, USA; Santiago Rivera. Figueres, Spain; Monna McDiarmid. Koh Samui, Thailand; Peter Cuthbert. Monterrey, Mexico; Camila Garcia. Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA; April Johnson. New York, New York, USA; Carlos Diaz Barriga.


  1. Hi everyone. So here's the new format - 14 snapshots, all at once, a slice of life around the world.

    I particularly like the contrast of Analucia's silhouettes with Jocelyn's tree shadows, and the similar shapes of the hearts in Lucy's Budapest pic and Monna's shot from the Dali museum in Figueres. As for me, just hanging out in Amsterdam, city of canals and bicycles, waiting for my appointment at the Anne Frank museum. Amsterdam isn't like anywhere.

  2. Monna, I was at that museum & know how tricky the lighting was. Great shot. I took a lot of pics of green things & water this summer but now I am back in the desert.

  3. Thanks, Jocelyn. We do hope that people are enjoying the new format. I know some may miss that lovely flutter of finding two new "14 Lenses" photographs each morning but this is far more manageable on Damien's end. I, myself, love that each week's post resembles a poster. I am thinking of printing this post for my office.

  4. April, are you a butterfly whisperer?


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