Week 55

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Brooklyn, New York, USA; Santiago Rivera. Kruger National Park, South Africa; Heather Dowd. Monterrey, Mexico; Carlos Diaz Barriga. Monterrey, Mexico; Analucia Padilla. Bronx, New York, USA; Jocelyn Wiley. St. Andrew's, Scotland; Peter Cuthbert. Hanoi, Vietnam; Jay Priebe. New York, New York, USA; Annie Dow. Rouleau, Saskatchewan, Canada; Damien Pitter. Oxford, United Kingdom; Monna McDiarmid. Mexico City, Mexico; Stacey Lindbloom. Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA; April Johnson.


  1. Wow D great selection of pictures. I really like the mix of all the different colors.

  2. I'm really liking the new format!
    great pics this week!

  3. All of them look great...I especially like the ones with motion ")

  4. This is total eye candy. I'm on overload. I love it!


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