Week 56

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1. Lake Huron, Michigan, USA. April Johnson. 2. San Francisco, California, USA. Santiago, Rivera. 3. St. Andrew's, Scotland. Peter Cuthbert. 4. Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla. 5. Koh Samed, Thailand. Jay Priebe. 6. Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Jocelyn Wiley. 7. Brighton, United Kingdom. Monna McDiarmid. 8. New York, New York, USA. Annie Dow. 9. Kruger National Park, South Africa. Heather Dowd. 10. Granada, Spain. Carlos Diaz Barriga. 11. Monterrey, Mexico. Stacey Lindbloom. 12. Vernon, Ontario, Canada. Damien Pitter.


  1. I love the feel of April's photo - the air looks full of water and cold. I think lighthouses are cool, too.
    The motion in Analucia's and Jay's shots is spectacular.
    Lovely work from everyone.

  2. Heather - that may be the most natural photo of a zebra I have ever seen - perfect contrast!

    Santiago - that is a classic SF postcard.

    DP - clever use of tractor lines!

    Another great compilation - but seems to be short 2 shots!

  3. 12 Lenses this week, I know. And looks like for next week, too. Keep sending in those photos, kids. I can only publish what I have.

  4. April's shot certainly doesn't bring swimming to mind... The colors in Peter's and Damien's field shots look supernatural. Did those scenes look like that in real life? Thank god for digital cameras with the fire dancers. I had to take many shots until the man was framed in his fire rings. Paper airplanes in Stacey's shot takes me back to last week when I tossed a paper airplane... Yes, last week, not when I was in high school.

  5. What's the deal with the penguin?

  6. I love the concentric fire circles Jay. Great capture.

    Monna, what's on the table in your picture? Books or children's toys maybe?


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