above: Washington DC, USA. Lucia Mijares.
below: Torres del Paine, Chile. Jhan Graether.


  1. These pictures are like sisters living in different worlds (man-made and natural) both struggling to display both warm and cool colors. Beautiful photos.

    14lenses members, check our facebook group page. I posted a 14 lenses wall paper picture you can use.

  2. This pairing has a kind of compositional similarity that reminds me of the earlier pairing, #11 between Annie and Jhan.
    The buildings in the back of the top photograph are like the mountains in the bottom photo, densely packed into the right side of the frame, and more spaced out towards the left. The shadow along the bottom edge of the lower shot matches the darker line that runs along the bottom third of the top shot, and the concentration of the people in the blue shirts is in the same position as the lake water in the bottom. Lastly, the sunset's glow, peeling off the mountains into the vapour in the air, is like the pinkish tint in reflect or refracted in the glass planes in the foreground of the top photograph. The light in both shots is coming form the same direction and has a similar quality.
    Both such great shots, separately and together. Nice work.


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