above: Paris, France. Santiago Rivera.
below: Ubud, Indonesia. Peter Cuthbert.


  1. very very very cool combination!:)

  2. Context: So, I really didn't take this picture. Well, sort of did. This is the view from the entrance to the Institute du Monde Arab in Paris, France. I was getting really low in the ground to get this perspective when security yelled at me and asked me to move. However, they did take my camera and put it over the x-ray scanner machine and took a picture. I didn't like how it came out, so I asked them to retake it, surprisingly they did, and what used to be just a straight perspective became more interesting when it was taken at an angle.

  3. is it me or is there something unsettling about being under things?

    or maybe i don't like spiders/am afraid of heights?

    my thoughts on the map: one of us has to go to africa soon...any takers?

  4. There are pics from North Africa posted. (Egypt)

  5. I am awed by both pictures.

    We're missing Australia and China too. (Do we have any from China yet?) I'll take on the challenge of getting pictures from those countries. Anyone willing to fund me? Hehe. If all goes well, I will have some pictures from the southern part of Africa next year....

  6. Context: We were walking from the rice paddies to a small village outside Ubud and I was trying to get a photo of a bird up in a tree when I noticed that this Banana Spider has descended to about 6 inches above me. What I feel makes this photo is the backlighting and the design the canopy creates in the background. The spider was about the size of my palm to give you a reference point - they are pretty big by all standards.

  7. Well why don't we get funding to get one teacher and one student to go to those places?

    I'll volunteer! haha

  8. I've got a few Beijing shots too. (Have we all been visiting Gerber?) But no plans to visit down under...on the other hand, we have accumulated a bunch of Aussie teachers here in Abu Dhabi, so maybe I should follow them home this summer.


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