above: Parque los Alerces, near Bariloche, Argentina. Jhan Graether.
below: Monterrey, Mexico. Paulina Carlos.


  1. Context: My wife and I spent three nights last summer camping under this Arrayan tree. That tree, the crystal sparkling water and the mountains were the elements most significant to this place, which my wife ranks as the best part of the trip. This is quite a statement given the competition. I photographed the tree from a lot of angles, but struggled with how to fit the pieces together into one image. This was a compromise. It is lacking the clarity of the water. However, the magic-hour light on the branch, the large depth of field (keeping the bark and the mountains in focus) and the presence of the 3 main elements made this shot the best. The perspective is from about 3 meters up in the tree.

    I like how similar the lines on these two photos are. On the surface they are so different, but both photos use depth of field to their advantage. The shoe photo uses focus to draw attention. Both photos have similar lines directing the eye’s attention up and to the right. But most interesting is that my eye keeps returning to nearly identical spots on the two photos.

    Great pairing!

  2. context:
    a boring afternoon. took off my shoe, photographed it!

    i love the pairings. i think the black and white and color do great contrast

  3. Paulina, What lens were you using? and at what focal length... My little point and shoot has way more depth of field than I want... whine...


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