above: Monterrey, Mexico. Analucia Padilla.
below: Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. Peter Cuthbert.


  1. I love the depth in both of these photos, and particularly the prominence of the one grass (wheat?) contrasted with the dark background.

    Great colors, great pairing!

  2. Context:
    One of the few enjoyable perks of 12 hour jet-lag when arriving back for a summer on Lake Huron is being up before sunrise and taking the camera out with a hot coffee. Our place has a view of the lake out the front and a farmer's field out the back. This summer it was winter wheat, next year he'll rotate in corn or soybeans. When the wind pulls through a wheat field you can't help but switch off and stare out as the husks dip and roll. There were days it felt as though we were sandwiched between two lakes:one blue, and one gold.


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