above: The Great Wall, near Beijing, China. Jocelyn Wiley.
below: Syracuse, New York, USA. Stacey Lindbloom.


  1. context: I chaperoned a school trip to Beijing in March. It snowed. We had come from Abu Dhabi where it was 35' C. For many of my students, this was the first time they'd seen snow. They had their first snowball fight on the Great Wall. I hung back to take this photo. You can just make out my students walking into the fog at the far end of the shot. We had no view of anything, of course.

    Stacey, you are very good at seeing beauty in the everyday. Good eye. I love your photos of ordinary things, which you imbue with extraordinary beauty.

    The colour match between these shots is startling. I never thought of those walls as coffee-coloured, but apparently they are.

  2. CONTEXT:I VOTED 08... free coffee at starbucks for all of those who voted on Nov.4.

  3. a-ha, so it is historic as well...

  4. Great stories behind both photos. Stacey - Congratulations on your first time voting!!


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