365: 14 Lenses Remixed

Groups of gifted students from the HCDSB, aged nine to fourteen years, receive alternative programming at two Gifted Learning Centres approximately four days every five weeks. During these sessions, students are able to apply their higher level thinking skills on tasks and topics not normally incorporated into the Ministry of Education of curriculum. Topics covered the past school year included Mystery, Forensic Science and Architecture. When a rotation focused on Photography, students experimented with digital editing software and ultimately developed a personal portfolio of edited photos. 14 Lenses graciously partnered with us by allowing us access to their photography blog. As a result, HCDSB students were inspired by the photographic styles of 14 Lenses photographers when taking their own digital photos and in addition were permitted to edit the photographs on the site to include in their digital portfolios.

To see the source photos, browse the archive or click here: 128, 162, 165, 227.


  1. Very cool-thanks for sharing these!

  2. A lovely way to conclude this first year of 14lenses...i loved seeing everyone's work daily, i hope to see more suprises with each new posting.


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